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Image Monitoring


With effective image monitoring from globaleyez, you get a comprehensive overview of copyright-infringing content and counterfeiting offers based on image materials throughout the web and remove them in an instant.

Your benefits


  • Powerful image monitoring software
  • Continuous or one-time reverse image search
  • Both exact and similar matches are supported
  • Extensive filters and statistics on all monitoring results
  • Fast and effective takedowns

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1. What is Image Monitoring


globaleyez's image monitoring service is a systematic, automated sequence of reverse image searches based on visual characteristics as well as metadata aimed at detecting copyright infringing images, known forgeries and leaks within your distribution network on domains, marketplaces and much more.



Image monitoring in the world of online brand protection 

2. Extensive Image Monitoring


With our image monitoring service you have the possibility to identify identical

as well as similar images. Among other things, logos, advertisements and product photos can be recognised. In addition, the search for similar images provides extensive results, e.g. on further product lines or variations and manipulations of your original images.


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3. The right software


infrimage is not only the basis of our automated image monitoring, but also impresses with its intuitive operation and user-friendly design.

 All search results of the image monitoring are presented to you in filterable and sortable overviews, which you can organise individually with the help of descriptions and tags and adapt at any time.

For each image search, you receive an individual view with extensive and dynamic statistics on the most important and most frequent hits. The adjustable filters ensure an efficient workflow and fast results. Authorised domains and marketplaces can be added to an Allow list with one click, providing a result lineup with only relevant and new content.

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We are here for you


Our trained brand protection experts support the software-based monitoring with their own research work and manual qualification of the search results.


Together with you, we plan strategies according to your individual requirements - from test purchases as a prerequisite for legal cases to takedowns of copyright-infringing images, counterfeits or fake shops. We are also available to advise you at any time.

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