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Social Media Monitoring


With efficient social media monitoring from globaleyez, you get a comprehensive overview of IP-infringing content on social networks and remove it in no time.

Your benefits


  • Targeted monitoring of all social media content relevant to you
  • Comprehensive manual research and undercover investigations
  • Fast and uncomplicated takedowns of infringing content
  • Flexible and scalable service
  • Powerful software


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1. Social media platforms


Choose from our fixed portfolio of social media platforms that we can monitor for you in parallel:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok & Douyin
  • WeChat

If you have any other requirements, we can easily extend our monitoring to meet your individual needs.


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2. Tailor-made monitoring


We offer automated monitoring of all relevant social media content, including accounts and profiles, advertisements, brand pages, individual posts and content, images, individual web shops and marketplaces in the time frame and scope you require.


In order to identify connections and underlying activities in social networks, our trained brand protection experts support the software-based monitoring with their own research work.


In doing so, we also investigate open and closed groups and, if desired, contact the suspicious persons anonymously.



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❏ Ads in Social Media


We monitor for you all types of advertising and sales activities

on Facebook and Instagram that are related to your brand and

lead to fake webshops. In addition, we can have ads on Facebook

and Instagram deleted for you quickly and easily.

⌂ Facebook Marketplace


Our service allows you to monitor sales offers and sellers

worldwide on Facebook Marketplace based on various search

parameters, such as keyword and image searches, and to take

targeted action against individual infringements or entire accounts.

Brand Rights Protection

Complementing our own brand protection solutions is the Brand Rights Protection Tool provided by Meta, which allows brands and brand protectors to identify and report IP-infringing content on Facebook and Instagram.


As we are highly trained in the use of the tool, we are happy to offer this service as part of our social media monitoring.

More about Brand Rights Protection from meta


4. The right software


Our online monitoring software traxster not only forms the technical basis of our comprehensive social media monitoring, but also offers you comprehensive evaluations of all relevant search results, which you can filter and sort as you wish on the interactive user interface.


You can contact your brand protection experts directly via traxster or send us requests for further investigations and test purchases in no time at all.


In addition, various message templates are available for quick and effective takedown measures.


traxster - the monitoring all-rounder


5. Documentation


If you wish, we will document all relevant evidence that our social media monitoring has uncovered for you with screenshots that can be used in court, including a digital time stamp.


For this purpose, we use our specially developed screenshot tool screenseal, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.


screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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