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Clean Marketplaces


Discover how IP infringing product listings impact your brand’s image and how globaleyez’s clean marketplace solution ensures your flawless marketplace presence to boost your reputation and revenue.

What are Clean Marketplaces


The way your product listings appear on online marketplaces matters more than you think. Just like in a physical store, online product presentation corresponds to your brand’s reputation and has a significant impact on your revenue. 

However, you have a lot less control over how your products appear on the internet. Listings of counterfeits, cheap lookalikes, grey market products and many others can appear beside your genuine listings, devaluing your products and tarnishing your brand’s reputation.

globaleyez’s clean marketplaces solution gives you the control over the online appearance of your products. By detecting and getting rid of IP infringing product listings, we create a flawless online marketplace for your brand to shine on.


Our Solution for your brand 


To ensure a clean marketplace for your brand, we have adapted a number of our services specifically to protect your reputation from fraudulent product listings and other infringing content.

Test Purchases

Collect information on sellers and products to allow for targeted action against fraudulent listings.

Marketplace Monitoring

Monitors your marketplace presence to detect fraudulent listings tarnishing your reputation.

Image Monitoring

Discovers other types of infringing content like ads and social media posts.

Marketplace Sales Tracking

Shows you which sellers have the greatest impact on marketplaces and do the most damage to your brand.

Partner Compliance

Gives you an insight into how your contractual partners represent your brand online.


Removes brand-diluting product listings to give you a flawless marketplace presence

Do you need any additions for your targeted clean marketplace solution? Or do you have any further questions on this topic? Contact our experts and we will work out your personal clean marketplaces strategy together with you.


How can we help your brand? 


Software solutions to achieve clean marketplaces

Discover our innovative software solutions perfectly tailored to ensure your brand’s clean marketplace presence.

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