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Domain Monitoring


With globaleyez's comprehensive domain monitoring, you can detect IP-infringing content on websites of all kinds and remove it quickly, efficiently and sustainably to protect your brand.

Your benefits


  • Extensive monitoring of all types of TLDs
  • Specified search parameters and individual monitoring
  • Comprehensive and sustainable takedown measures
  • Scalable and flexible service
  • Powerful monitoring software


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1. Extensive monitoring


Benefit from automated keyword monitoring of:


  • Domain registrations
  • Domain names of all TLDs
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • HTML Content

In addition to the results of the automated monitoring, our trained trademark protection experts carry out in-depth manual research.


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2. Individual monitoring


You can adapt your domain monitoring to your individual requirements.


We are happy to monitor specific TLDs for you, focus on certain types of domains, including shop systems such as Shopify or WooCommerce, or take special features like WordPress plugins, Elasticsearch, programming language and chatbots as a basis.


You determine the parameters on which we base our monitoring. You can search specifically for multishops or fakeshops, or limit the search to websites with certain shop systems, with shopping cart functionality or with certain registrants and registrars.


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⧉ Effective domain takedowns


globaleyez has an extensive professional network consisting of relevant search engines, various payment providers, shop system providers, registries, hosters, registrars and international authorities.


This cooperation enables fast and effective takedowns or blocking of the infringing domains, as well as more in-depth research on other domains of the registrants in question in order to take effective action against them.

↻ Sustainable monitoring


To ensure comprehensive and sustainable monitoring, you may request us to regularly inspect the continued success of our domain takedown measures. After the takedown, we continuously monitor the domains in question for you.


Among other things, we check whether the domains have been put back into operation and whether their registrants have registered new infringing domains.



Cybersquatting refers to the practice of registering domains that resemble or have an indirect link to brand names. The aim is to sell the domain to the associated brands at a high price in order to make a profit from the intellectual property of companies.


We can counteract this for you by acquiring the corresponding domain by means of covert domain purchases and without establishing a connection to your brand.


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4. The right software


Our online monitoring software traxster is an important part of our automated domain monitoring and offers you an in-depth insight into your search results.


With self-service access to traxster's user-friendly interface, you get the ability to filter or sort your data as you wish and export it to various file formats in an instant. traxster offers you an interactive platform where you can quickly and easily get in touch with your brand protection experts and initiate targeted enforcement action.

traxster - the monitoring all-rounder


5. Documentation


If you wish, we can document all relevant evidence and results of our domain monitoring for you with screenshots that can be used in court, including a digital time stamp. We can capture entire websites, select parts of them or even move content for you.


For this purpose, we use our specially developed screenshot tool screenseal, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.


In addition, we offer you the option to restore old versions of websites and thus also document past IP violations for you.


screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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