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There is a fitting solution to every problem! With globaleyez, you benefit from over 15 years of experience and cross-industry approach to brand protection from a single source.

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Our broad solution packages are tried and tested combinations of our individual services, which can be used specifically to tackle complex brand protection problems.



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Experienced and trained project managers run in-depth research and personal customer support. Expect innovative, flexible and client-oriented solutions!


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We have over 15 years of experience in brand protection and distribution control. The secret to our success: intuition, determination and a passion for brands.


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Safeguard the complete  e-Commerce presence of your brand and  protect your IP rights from all kinds of infringements and malicious intent.


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Discover our comprehensive service portfolio for 360° brand protection. Each of our services is highly scalable, programmable and tailored to your brand’s individual requirements.


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 02.07.2024 - 03.07.2024

APM Members' Meeting at Coty Beauty Germany GmbH

We are delighted to be taking part in the APM members' meeting this year and to be giving a presentation on the topic of Online-to-Offline-Brand-Protection together with our partner SCRIBOS!

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GOSINTCon Workshop in Hamburg


We are participating in the workshop in Hamburg about "Telegram - The new dark web?". 


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GOSINTCon Workshop in Berlin


We are participating in the workshop in Berlin about "WEBINT - A look under the hood of websites". 


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Latest industry insights

Stay up to date with our blog news about the online brand protection world!



What is Whoppah

Find out all about Dutch second-hand marketplace Whoppah and its expansion into Europe!



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Returns fraud on Amazon harms sellers and brands

Find out all about returns fraud on Amazon and e-Commerce in general and discover how to protect your business against it!



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What is Kaufland

Find out all about the German hypermarket chain-turned popular online marketplace, kaufland.de!



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Amazon launches live-shopping channel in the US

Find out all about Amazon Live’s new shopping TV channel, how it works and how it may affect your brand’s IP rights.



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Google takes a stand against fraudulent ads

Find out all about the new trends in fraudulent advertising outlined in Google’s annual Ad Safety Report, and how Google responds to them!



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Fake shops in the bicycle sector

Find out all about the surge of fake shops plaguing the bicycle industry at springtime, and how to protect your brand against them!



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Is Xiaohongshu the new Temu?

Learn all about Xiaohongshu, China’s response to Instagram that’s reaching for new heights in social commerce.



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TikTok buys Tokopedia

Popular social media platform TikTok has acquired a controlling share in Indonesian online marketplace Tokopedia. Find out all about the merger and how it may affect your brand’s IP rights!



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Learn all about popular German marketplace Hood

Hood is listed amongst the top online marketplaces of German e-Commerce. Find out all about this platform and whether it poses a threat for your IP rights.



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Pre-owned luxury products arrive on Amazon

Discover all about the reselling platform Hardly Ever Worn It and how their cooperation with Amazon furthers the trade of pre-owned luxury goods in Europe.



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Everything you need to know about Ubuy

Find out all about the Kuwait-based international marketplace Ubuy, and whether it poses a threat for your brand’s IP rights.



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Trademark and copyright symbols explained

Learn all about the different trademark and copyright symbols like ™, ® or ©, how to use them and how to protect your rights.



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What is Houzz

Discover Houzz.com, a marketplace/database of professionals/hub for ideas in the home improvement industry!



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Introducing Thomann, the marketplace for musical instruments

Discover Thomann, a family business-turned-specialised online marketplace for musical instruments, sheet music, audio equipment and more.



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Temu invites US and European sellers to its platform

As of 15 March, US sellers will be allowed to join Temu, with European sellers following closely behind. Find out if joining Temu is the right choice for your brand.



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Specialised marketplaces in e-Commerce

Find out all about the rise of specialist marketplaces, the opportunities they offer, and the threats they may pose for your brand.



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The importance of securing your domain name

Discover what happened to the FRITZ!Box router’s LAN domain name and find out how to protect your brand against domain fraud.



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The rise of refurbished products in e-Commerce

Find out all about the increasingly popular trade of refurbished products, as well as the opportunities and threats it may bring for your brand.



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Heinz fights against fake ketchup with colour-code

Find out all about Heinz’s genius idea to ensure that restaurants serve authentic Heinz ketchup in branded bottles.



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What is the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

Find out all about the EU’s new corporate due diligence directive, which companies it affects and how your brand can adhere to it.



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SHEIN accused of violating copyright via AI

SHEIN faces another lawsuit in the US due to IP infringement. Find out all about the case and what to do to protect your IP rights.



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Direct sales on Amazon

Direct selling is an increasingly popular sales channel. Find out all about this profitable venture and how to make the most of it for your brand.



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Monetising data on social media

Facebook started offering subscription packages to users in Europe who don’t want the platform to use their data for advertising. Find out what this means and how it affects your brand.



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