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Marketplace Monitoring


With globaleyez’s marketplace monitoring service you can easily and effectively detect, monitor and remove IP infringements on online marketplaces worldwide at any time.

Your benefits


  • Customised monitoring of more than 150 online marketplaces worldwide
  • Flexible and scalable service
  • Fast and uncomplicated order processing
  • Powerful software
  • Comprehensive analysis of search results on our interactive user interface


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1. Marketplaces


You can choose from well over 150 online marketplaces in our fixed portfolio, which we can monitor in parallel for your brand.


These include, among others:

  • Amazon, eBay
  • Alibaba Group, Shopee, Lazada, Wish
  • Linio, Mercadolibre
  • Souq
  • Walmart, OLX
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2. Tailor-made monitoring


Benefit from our highly scalable service that offers you individual planning and great flexibility.


Our powerful monitoring software automatically searches the marketplaces you select using a variety of search parameters tailored to your brand, such as keywords and images.


You determine the intervals and scope of your marketplace monitoring and can add or remove marketplaces at any time.


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✔ Problem solver monitoring


Our marketplace monitoring helps you to detect and take action against various types of IP infringements, such as counterfeiting, piracy, copyright infringements, grey market structures or irregular behaviour by your contractual partners.


Marketplace Monitoring in the world of online brand protection 

✎ We are there for you


Our trained brand protection experts support the software-based monitoring with their own research work. In this way, we can also monitor marketplaces for you that cannot be accessed automatically (e.g. forums, darknet marketplaces).


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Nothing for you yet?

Do you have special requirements that are not yet covered by our portfolio of online marketplaces? No problem! We can easily extend our monitoring to your individual requirements.

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4. The right software


Our online monitoring software traxster not only forms the technical basis of our comprehensive marketplace monitoring but also offers you a comprehensive insight into all relevant search results.


With self-service access to traxster's user-friendly interface, you receive comprehensive evaluations and statistics on sellers, prices and turnover on the selected online marketplaces.


You can filter or sort all data as you wish and export it in various file formats in no time at all. traxster offers you an interactive platform on which you can conveniently contact your brand protection experts and take quick and effective action against trademark infringements with the help of takedown templates.

traxster - the monitoring all-rounder


5. Documentation


On request, we document every product offer, seller profiles and all other relevant evidence for you with court-admissible screenshots, including a digital time stamp.


We have developed our screenshot tool screenseal for this purpose, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.



screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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