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Patent and Design Protection


With globaleyez you actively protect your patents and designs beyond the application, counteracting infringements of all kinds and types .

Why patent and design protection


Patent and design protection does not end with the filing of patent or design applications, but is a continuous process to guard against potential infringement. In fact, the legal assessment of patent and design infringements is often easier than finding or identifying them in the first place.

Companies usually have problems finding, detecting and gathering evidence of patent and design infringements. We enter the patent and design protection process at exactly this point: after you have filed your applications and now want to make sure that they are not infringed.


Our Solution for your brand 


We have adapted our brand protection solutions to the needs of patent and design protection and offer flexible and scalable services, including:

1. Monitoring


Our monitoring services provide the ideal basis for detecting patent and design infringements on the internet. Whether on marketplaces, social media platforms, websites or webshops, infringements are detected quickly and effectively based on keyword or image searches, thanks to specially developed software tools.


2. Analysis

All search results of our monitoring services are presented to you in filterable and sortable overviews within our tools. You can export them in various file formats.

Our experts are highly trained in identifying patent and design infringements. After a briefing on your patents and designs, our experts carefully analyze the findings for you and suggest anomalies for further action.

If you would like to perform the analysis yourself and report conspicuous results to us for further action, you can do this quickly and easily via our software tools.

3. Documentation

Platform operators demand proper evidence of patent and design infringements before granting requests for the removal of an offer or other content.

If there are visible and provable patent or design infringements on product images, we document them with our in-house Google Chrome Extension screenseal.

screenseal allows you to easily create high-quality screenshots with court-usable digital time stamps.

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4. Test Purchases

If the infringement cannot be proven based on the images, we conduct a documented test purchase and collect the evidence for you on the actual product.

Ordered products can also be forwarded directly to you for laboratory examination or testing. An anonymous purchase through us protects your identity in the process.

We conduct test purchases in over 50 countries worldwide thanks to a network of 80 reliable researchers.

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5. Enforcement

In consultation with you or at your request, we initiate fast and effective takedowns of patent or design infringing content from all platforms, including marketplaces, social networks, webshops and other websites. Domains can be taken down or blocked thanks to our large network including shop system providers, registries, hosters, registrars and international authorities.

We also assist our clients in preparing evidence for further legal action against infringements.