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Test Purchase


Get all relevant information and evidence on trademark infringements quickly and easily through documented test purchases from globaleyez in more than 50 countries online and offline.

Your benefits


  • Flat fee for all test purchases
  • Test purchases in over 50 countries on- and offline
  • Comprehensive service: research, purchasing, logistics and legally compliant documentation of evidence
  • Fast and easy order processing
  • Full transparency and overview of all test purchases


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1. What is a test purchase


A test purchase, also called mystery shopping, is the perfect start to a comprehensive brand protection programme.

With a test purchase, you receive evidence on sellers, origin of products offered, payment details, shipping information and much more.


globaleyez documents this evidence for you as a basis for your next steps.


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2. Problem solver Test Purchase


Test purchases are particularly advisable for the following problems:


  • Counterfeits
  • Grey market structures
  • Patent and copyright infringements
  • Look-alikes
  • Research for market launch
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This is how a test purchase solves your problems

Find out here how our test purchase service can help protect your IP rights.

4. You stay in the know


We’ll keep you updated about the state of your ongoing and completed test purchases. Our systematic reports allow you to gain insight into comprehensive, up-to-date and filterable data on all your orders.


We provide you with an overview of all your test purchase processes including all associated costs as well as detailed information on individual test purchases. With comprehensive filter options, you can quickly view data on specific marketplaces, sellers and individual countries. You gain full transparency and planning security for your test purchases with globaleyez.



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5. Documentation


Our test purchase documentation for you always includes the associated purchase confirmations, payment details, shipping information and of course pictures of the product.


For online purchases, we document the product range, websites and all other evidence with screenshots that can be used in court, including a digital time stamp. For this purpose, we have developed our screenshot tool screenseal, which we also offer for download in the Google Chrome Store for your own use.


screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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