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IP Protection in the Metaverse


With globaleyez’s metaverse solutions  you are now able to monitor and detect IP infringements on metaverse marketplaces, domain registries and much more.

IP issues in the metaverse


NFTs, Web 3.0 domains, metaverse marketplaces or stores: this emerging area of the internet already holds plenty of potential dangers for your brand's IP rights. Fraudsters are fast and often one step ahead of  brands, putting themselves in front of customers. 

Copyright and trademark infringements or impersonations in the metaverse have a negative impact on brands and their reputation. We are working on inventive solutions to stay on top of this pervasive and barely regulated field.


Our Solution for your brand 



Monitoring software

Our software detects copyright and trademark infringements on metaverse marketplaces based on keyword- and reverse image searches

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Manual research by experts

Our experts carry out in-depth manual research in the metaverse itself, on domain registries or metaverse marketplaces to ensure that we catch IP violations that cannot currently be monitored automatically

The metaverse is still under construction, and so is the protection of your brand there. We are continuously developing new solutions to protect your brand and reputation from abuse. Therefore, we adapt our software solutions to the conditions of the metaverse and continuously train our experts in this new field.


Our most recent presentation of Web 3.0 domains at Europol 


Metaverse software solutions

Discover our innovative software solutions perfectly tailored to combat IP infringements in the metaverse

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