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With globaleyez's enforcement service, you can quickly and effectively remove all types of IP infringing content from the internet.

Your benefits


  • Removal of IP-infringing content from online marketplaces, social media, app stores, and websites
  • Takedowns or blocking of domains
  • Preparation of DMCA-Takedown-Notice and cease and desist letter
  • Qualified automated takedown process built into our monitoring software
  • Sustainable enforcement programs tailored to your brand


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1. Why Enforcement


Our flexible enforcement service ensures that infringing content is removed from the internet as quickly as possible. 

We offer targeted takedowns on online marketplaces, social networks, app stores and websites, as well as domain takedowns or blocking. To guarantee a fast and smooth order processing, qualified automated takedown processes are built into our monitoring software. 

For sustainable online brand protection, we also recommend a more comprehensive enforcement program, with which you can achieve long-term success for your company thanks to the cooperation of our large professional network, documentation that can be used in court, and regular monitoring of the results of takedown measures. 


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2. Enforcement Cooperation


You benefit from our extensive professional network, which forms the basis of our enforcement service and enables you to uncover cross-platform infringements and remove them in a targeted manner.

Among others, we work in close cooperation with: 


  • Online marketplaces 
  • Search engines 
  • Payment providers 
  • Shopsystem providers
  • Domain registrars and registries 
  • Hosters
  • App stores 
  • International authorities
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DMCA and Cease and Desist Letter

We have various methods to enforce your rights on the platforms described. Our first - and usually already sufficient - means is a DMCA or a cease and desist letter.


  • DMCA

    DMCA takedown notices are an effective tool for removing infringing content from online platforms. As your authorised legal representative, we can use these declarations to request the removal of content on your behalf.

  • Cease and desist letter

    In the context of domain takedowns, we can send cease and desist letters to hosters as well as domain registrars and registrars on your behalf. 

    We have been working reliably with some of these entities for a long time, so we recommend cease and desist letters as the primary means of enforcement in these cases.


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4. Documentation


If you wish, we can document all relevant evidence of infringements for you with a screenshot that can be used in court, including a digital timestamp and URL of the source. We can capture entire web pages or selected passages and also capture moving content for you. 


For this purpose, we use our specially developed screenshot tool screenseal, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.


screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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