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Marketplace Sales Tracking 


Get a quick and easy overview of your sales situation as well as the top-selling products and sellers on online marketplaces thanks to marketplace sales tracking and expert market analysis by globaleyez.

Your benefits


  • Keyword-, asin-, sku- or vendor-based marketplace sales tracking
  • Sales figures from authorised sellers, third party suppliers and competitors
  • Reliable data on product sales and market trends
  • Efficient top-down prioritisation of your brand protection measures
  • Expert advice on market trends and market entry
  • Comprehensive exportable data and statistics


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1. Valid data at a glance


Our keyword-, ASIN-, SKU- or seller-based marketplace sales tracking provides and evaluates a wide variety of sales figures to give you an overview of your sales situation as well as the top-selling products and sellers on relevant online marketplaces. 

You receive extensive exportable data on:

  • Authorised sellers
  • Third party suppliers
  • Competitors 
  • Products 
  • Market developments 
  • Market trends

Extensive filtering capabilities of this data will show you, among other things, which seller is dominating sales, how much revenue can be linked to your brand name, what type of products are selling the most, and much more.


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2. Why Sales Tracking?


A few effective steps for maximum results! 


Quite often, just a handful of sellers are responsible for the largest share of total revenue from unauthorised sales on online marketplaces.

With marketplace sales tracking from globaleyez, you can focus on the sellers and products that have a significant impact on marketplaces and thus prioritise them top-down in your online brand protection.


This allows you to take targeted and economically efficient action against trademark infringements and reputational damage.  

Our marketplace sales tracking also provides you with in-depth insights into the performance of your products on various online marketplaces (even those where you may not be officially present) and the opportunity to identify trends and set priorities at an early stage - also with a view to preparing a possible market entry.


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✔ Tailor-made sales tracking


In addition to planning security in brand protection, you can also benefit from the great flexibility offered by our marletplace sales tracking.


You determine the intervals and scope of our service, from daily updated data to monthly evaluations and insight into trends with comparison periods.


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✎ Expert advice


Our brand protection experts analyse the results determined in sales tracking and provide valuable data as a basis for further effective measures.


We will be happy to advise you on market trends and preparation for market entry, based on our findings from marketplace sales tracking.


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Expansion of our Service

We are continuously working to expand our marketplace sales tracking to meet the unique needs of our clients. Currently, the focus is on growing Southeast Asian online marketplaces.


Do you have special requirements that are not yet covered by our portfolio of online marketplaces? 

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