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Get a comprehensive insight into and speedy alerts about your online brand protection monitoring services with globaleyez’s interactive and easy-to-use tool, traxster.

Your benefits



  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 interactive communication with your dedicated brand protection expert
  • Easy access to comprehensive and filterable monitoring data
  • Up-to-date information about current and past actions
  • Adjustable email alerts and requests for action

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1. What is traxster


traxster is our all-rounder tool for online monitoring.

It combines all the functions necessary for comprehensive marketplace, domain and social media monitoring and helps you to solve issues like:


  • Counterfeits
  • Look-alikes
  • Grey market
  • Fake ads
  • Copyright and trademark infringements
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2. Alerts


traxster provides you with customizable e-mail alerts to keep you updated on any happenings in the tool.


You identify criteria to be alerted about. This can be a seller who reappears, new listings featuring your products or perhaps a high volume of your items being listed at once.


Stay alerted about important events and immerse yourself in traxster’s comprehensive data sets when you have the time.


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3. traxster features for marketplace monitoring


traxster is our solution for monitoring 150+ marketplaces on all continents based on your keywords. You benefit from:


  • Comprehensive statistics about the number of sellers, their sales and country distribution, the average price per marketplace, etc.
  • Extensive data points available: quantity offered and sold, seller name, VAT ID, price and description of the product, URL etc.
  • Sorting and filtering on all data points and grouping items, SKUs or brands into clusters
  • Export functionality for various different file formats
  • API access or daily crawls (depending on marketplaces )

Our marketplace monitoring service for your brand


4. traxster features for domain monitoring


traxster supports our keyword-based searches for your brand or product names throughout the internet.

traxster documents the results und you can profit from:


  • Monitoring of all different kinds of TLDs
  • Essential whois data to identify targets and their infrastructure
  • Sorting and filtering possibilities, including grouping results by TLDs
  • Possibility to export into various different file formats

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5. traxster features for social media monitoring


With the help of traxster, we monitor the relevant social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok and WeChat including private groups and marketplaces for your brand. Profit from traxster's features:


  • Software based research includes all types of different events: account names, group names, posts, images, ads, marketplace offers, etc.
  • Options for incognito research and bypassing geo-blocking
  • Collaboration features within the tool, eg.you can request test purchases/investigations and mark items as done/authorized/resubmission
  • Enforcement of listings and ads with template messages within the tool


Social media monitoring for your brand protection strategy


Now available: grey market solutions in traxster!


With a newly built-in VAT screening option, traxster is now able to distinguish between authorised and unauthorised sellers (on marketplaces that display VAT data). Thanks to this, you’ll get a quick overview of


  • Trusted and not trusted sellers in any marketplace
  • Sales figures attributed to each seller and group
  • Aliases and listings of authorised sellers
  • Any irregular action, like low price levels, etc.


With these functions you can quickly and specifically uncover grey market structures and keep an overview of authorised dealers and product offers.

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