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Discover our brand protection 360° journey. Each of our scalable services works perfectly by itself, or in combination with any others to provide you with all-round brand protection tailored to your exact needs

Who is selling counterfeit versions of your products? How do unauthorised sellers get their hands on your original products? Are your patents and copyrights safe from infringement?


Find out how our test purchases in 50+ countries worldwide solve all those problems and much more.


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Is your brand a victim of counterfeiting or product piracy? Do your authorised distribution channels leak and create grey market structures? Are any sellers infringing on your copyrights?


Find out how we can solve these issues and many more for you with monitoring of over 150 marketplaces worldwide.


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Has somebody registered a domain in your brand’s name, infringing on your trademark? Do you face issues like cybersquatting and fake shops? Is someone using your brand name on their website, or impersonating your brand without authorisation?  


We can solve these problems and more with domain monitoring on various levels, tailored to your exact requirements.


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Who uses your copyrighted images online without your permission? Do you face threats like forgeries or leaks within your distribution networks on domains, marketplaces and social media platforms?


Our service combines automated tools and expert advice to monitor the web for identical and similar images that infringe on your copyrights.


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Is anybody infringing your IP rights on social media, including user accounts, ads, marketplaces and groups? 


If your answer is yes, our service offers fast, flexible, and highly scalable monitoring on all major platforms, tailored exactly to your needs.


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Are you experiencing trademark violations and copyright infringement by certain smartphone applications? Is an app using your IP-protected content without authorisation?


Our service solves these problems and more for you in 30+ app stores.


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Would you like to find out which seller is dominating sales, how much revenue can be linked to your brand name, or which type of your products are selling the most?


Our marketplace sales tracking provides you with in-depth insights into each seller’s and product’s performance on various online marketplaces.


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Do you experience problems caused by non-compliant business partners, including emerging grey market structures, patent infringements, license violations and a damaged brand reputation?


We assist your brand with compliance checks on a global level and background checks of business partners.


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The natural follow-up to all our services is enforcing your rights. We offer fast and effective takedowns for infringing content discovered by any of our services, as well as comprehensive enforcement programs for sustainable brand protection. You can find the details here:


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