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30.11.2023 | by Lili 


Ochama in Europe




  • Ochama offers a hybrid shopping experience for consumers in 24 European countries
  • Groceries and non-food items can be shipped to collection points or the buyer’s home address
  • Ochama is a successful venture of Chinese parent company JD.com 



Ochama, the Chinese omnichannel supermarket, is now available in 24 countries in Europe, including Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Italy. The mobile-first marketplace offers a large selection of groceries and household items, most of them with next day delivery.



What is Ochama

Launched in 2022 in the Netherlands, Ochama is a subsidiary of Chinese e-Commerce giant JD.com. Offering a unique hybrid shopping experience, the brand launched four physical stores in larger cities, operated entirely by robots.


Hybrid commerce is big in 2023. Find out all about it from our article!


This feature didn’t last long though. As analysts pointed out, instead of great futuristic endeavours, customers mainly encountered conveyor belts and robotic arms placing carts with their purchase on the belts. Besides, problems with the ordering process and shopping app have often made the collection of items more tiresome than fun.


Although the shops have closed since then, Ochama still combines online and offline shopping experiences by offering the choice of pickup or home delivery. The marketplace operates over 500 pickup points across the continent, where shoppers can have their order shipped if they didn’t opt for home delivery.



Screenshot of ochama.com’s homepage

Screenshot of ochama.com’s homepage



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What is JD.com

Founded in 1998, JD.com is one of the largest Chinese online retailers. As a general marketplace, JD.com offers a large array of products including electronics, household equipment, fashion, toys, furniture, baby care, and much more.



Screenshot of global.jd.com’s homepage. Translated from Chinese by Google Translate

Screenshot of global.jd.com’s homepage. Translated from Chinese by Google Translate



93.5% of JD.com’s traffic comes from China, while users from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the US make up most of the rest. The marketplace is available in 105 countries and regions like Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland as well.


The platform reports an annual revenue of $147.73 billion in 2023, representing a 3.6% growth from last year.



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JD.com prides itself on its approach to technology and innovation. For example, the company is at the forefront of trying new methods to create meaningful connections between sellers and buyers with a robust live-stream programme. JD.com also offers warehousing, logistics and many other services to its business partners, many of whom are sellers on the platform.


Online brand protection on JD.com

Although the marketplace has a “zero tolerance” for counterfeit products, we have unfortunately encountered fake versions of our clients’ products on JD.com. To be fair, since JD.com is an enormous marketplace that works with third party sellers, fraudsters may have a chance to slip in amongst honest sellers and set up shop on the platform.


Luckily, JD.com provides a tool for rights holders and online brand protection experts to report IP infringing listings. Thanks to our excellent cooperation, JD.com always reacts to our requests swiftly and removes product listings that we flag as infringing on our clients’ IP rights.


But to do that, we first need to detect fraudulent listings, which is why we developed our marketplace monitoring service. Active on over 150 marketplaces worldwide, including JD.com, our service flags down suspicious listings that may infringe on your IP rights.


Since fraudsters often use picture-based ads and other visual content to attract customers, our image monitoring service is needed for detecting further infringements and making connections between fraudulent sellers.


If we have to gather more information about a certain seller and/or learn as much about the origins of the product as possible, we recommend a test purchase. Thanks to our researchers, we can conduct this essential service in over 50 countries worldwide.


And finally, as mentioned earlier, we can enforce your rights and ensure the removal of IP infringing listings from JD.com.


If you’re worried about counterfeit products on JD.com or anywhere else online, contact us today and tell us how we can assist you in protecting your IP rights.