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Partner Compliance 


With globaleyez’s partner compliance service, you can monitor your collaborations and partnerships on a global level and uncover non-compliant behavior quickly and efficiently.

Your benefits


  • Extensive compliance checks on a global scale
  • Versatile methods from software-based monitoring to on-site mystery shopping
  • Background checks to verify business partners
  • Insights into use of patents and licenses in the marketplace
  • Fast and straightforward takedowns of non-compliant content


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1. Extensive Compliance Checks


With globaleyez's partner compliance service, you always have an eye on your contractual partners and how they  comply with your contracts.


Our compliance checks include, among others, the monitoring on a global level of:


  • GDPR legislation
  • Imprint data
  • Contact details
  • Description of products 
  • Use of logos
  • Use of images

In addition, we conduct background screening of business partners and on-site mystery shopping programs.


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2. Partner Compliance for you


globaleyez's partner compliance service is suitable for all brands and companies that have established extensive collaborations or partnerships in distribution, logistics, licensing or patents and want to continuously review and enforce their contractual agreements.


Partner compliance can solve a series of problems caused by breaches of contract, like:


  • Greymarkets
  • Price erosion and loss of revenue
  • Patent infringements and license violations
  • Product counterfeiting 
  • Reputational damage due to non-compliant representation of branded products


What other problems can we solve for you? 

✈ Globally represented


We are represented in over 50 countries worldwide and can conduct undercover test purchases for you both online and on site. Background information obtained and shopping experiences are carefully documented by us on request.


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✎ We are there for you


Our trained brand protection experts support the software-based monitoring with manual research. We provide you with detailed reports and are happy to advise you on possible measures.


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3. Documentation


On request, we document every product offer, seller profile and all other relevant evidence of breaches of contract by your partners for you with court-admissible screenshots, including a digital time stamp. 

For this purpose, we have developed our screenshot tool screenseal, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.


screenseal - the easy way to collect evidence!


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