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April 2022 | latest update: 05.06.2024 | by Lili


Shopify finds the missing link to social media



Social commerce is one of the hottest e-Commerce trends in 2022. No wonder that merchants are flocking to social media platforms to harvest the commercial potential of this segment. Shopify, one of the most well-known shopsystems in the world, has now introduced a tool that makes that step a bit lighter for its merchants.


Meet Linkpop.


What is Linkpop?

Linkpop is a free tool that allows merchants to feature shoppable links in their social media bios. Up to 200 links can lead to any content chosen by the merchant, including product pages, videos, blog articles, and online shops. With Linkpop, vendors can curate their best content and get them in front of potential customers in minutes.


How does it work?

Merchants have to register and create a page on Linkpop. According to Shopify, the process is easy and free.


Screenshot of linkpop.com explaining how to create a page

Screenshot of linkpop.com explaining how to create a page



To make the most of Linkpop, merchants should definitely include shoppable links, e.g. product pages among their content. This helps turn browsing shoppers into real customers within a few minutes.


Once your Linkpop “link-in-bio” page is done, all you have to do is paste the link to it onto your social media bios. Linkpop works with any platform that allows users to fill out a bio on their profile, which includes all the major social media players like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest.


Screenshot of linkpop.com explaining the process of sharing links

Screenshot of linkpop.com explaining the process of sharing links



Linkpop also provides merchants with free analytics to learn which links bring in the most clicks from customers.


According to Amir Kabbara of Shopify, “With Linkpop, we’ve created a surface that unifies all links merchants post across social channels. What’s even better, we’ve made it a shoppable destination so it’s easy to purchase products directly on Linkpop, which is a win-win for merchants and buyers alike.”



+++ Update Spring 2024 +++

Linkpop has gathered mixed reviews from customers using the tool. Some praise it for user-friendliness and ease of use, while others like its analytics and the option to add photos next to the link. Several shopkeepers claim that since using Linkpop, they’d noticed an increase in conversions.

On the other hand, many vendors report that the app often crashes for no apparent reason and leads prospective shoppers to error messages, which costs them valuable sales. Additional complaints include that only one person within an organisation can be linked with the app, making it difficult for larger businesses to work with it. Other reviewers find fault with the quality of support they receive in case of a malfunction.



Another player in social commerce

A seamless online shopping experience can make or break your e-Commerce sales. This is especially true for social commerce where impulse buying is quite likely to happen, provided there’s nothing to stop that impulse. Like a lengthy, irritating checkout process.


When customers discover a product they like on a social network, they are more likely to purchase it if the process is fast, easy and straightforward. The more time they have to spend opening and closing apps to get to the merchant’s site, learn more about the product, put it in their shopping cart, etc, the more likely they’ll get bored with the tedious process and abandon the sale altogether.


A smartphone displaying Shopify payment options

A smartphone displaying Shopify payment options



This is why Linkpop can be so advantageous for Shopify merchants. With an integrated linking and purchasing process, customers don’t have to leave the social network they’re browsing to buy the desired product. Such a seamless shopping experience can help you convert your social media followers into actual customers and thus increase the number of sales for your brand.


The advantages are obvious. But what are the drawbacks?


Brands and fraudsters with equal chances

Unfortunately, what works for brands works equally well for fraudsters. Thanks to Shopify, creating a compelling webshop that draws in customers takes just as much time and effort for honest brands as for fraudsters.


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Linkpop seems to extend these advantages - for both brands and fraudsters. This tool can help fraudsters to reach more people with less effort, which means that your brand needs to prepare for even more damage to their trademark rights, reputation and bottom line.


Or alternatively, you can try to prevent that from happening. But how?


Online brand protection at your service

globaleyez’s comprehensive brand protection program is aimed at detecting and removing IP-infringing content from online marketplaces, domain registries and registrars, social media, app stores, and the internet in general.


It doesn’t matter how easily and with what tools fraudsters stole your trademark-protected assets. Wherever and however they're using it, we will find the infringing content and ensure its removal as soon as possible.


For example, our social media monitoring service discovers posts, pages created in your brand’s name as well as marketplace listings within social media platforms where your brand name, product name or any other predetermined keyword was used.


Thanks to our excellent cooperation with major social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the removal of infringing content is fast and effective.


Brand imagery can be stolen and misused on social media as well, which is why our image monitoring service uses a coordinated series of reverse image searches to detect any IP-infringing images on social media (and the entire internet.)


Last but not least, our domain monitoring service approaches the problem from another angle: webshops. We provide domain name monitoring, which means that we detect keywords, e.g. your brand name or any version of it, used in the URL of any website, including fake webshops. Moreover, we also monitor the content of websites, discovering any misuse of your brand or product names.


Finally, once we’ve established that a product listing, social media or website, image, or any other content infringes on your IP rights, we can enforce your rights and ensure the removal of the hurtful content from the internet as soon as possible.



However easy it was for fraudsters to set up their fake webshops and add shoppable social media links, it will be just as easy for globaleyez to find and remove them.


Contact us if you have concerns about fraudsters misusing your IP rights, or other online brand protection issues