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June 2022 | by Lili 


WooCommerce simplifies shopping on Pinterest



Pinterest, the popular image-based social network where people can share and promote creative ideas takes its e-Commerce offering to the next level.


While the option to shop has been available on Pinterest for a while now, businesses using WooCommerce have often found it difficult to connect their Pinterest accounts to their main online store. Well, this changes now.


Pinterest for WooCommerce

In today’s highly competitive e-Commerce market, a flawless shopping experience is often the dividing line between a successful sale and an abandoned shopping cart. A clunky sales process where shoppers have to change between multiple apps and spend long minutes filling out various forms quite often leads to the latter.



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That is why WooCommerce introduced a new extension for its clients, Pinterest for WooCommerce. As Aleksandra Bettin, Vice President of Business Development at WooCommerce put it, “by partnering together we provide the best integrated Pinterest shopping experience possible for WooCommerce merchants to be on the cutting edge of social commerce.”


The extension allows businesses to connect their Pinterest business account with their WooCoomerce app. Once the connection is made, shops can put their entire product catalog in front of potential buyers on Pinterest - buyers who, due to the unique nature of Pinterest, are actively looking for a creative solution to their specific idea.


A Pinterest page open on a laptop

A Pinterest page open on a laptop


The WooCommerce extension promises to deliver customers an organic Pinterest shopping and ad viewing experience where “content from brands doesn’t interrupt … —it inspires.”


How it works

Brands can connect their WooCommerce app to their Pinterest business account with just a few clicks, which automatically transforms their product catalog into browsable pins, provides daily updates regarding availability and price, and even tracks their performance on Pinterest.


Furthermore, brands can measure conversions and optimise ads for product campaigns, retargeting, and build brand loyalty in open-minded shoppers who are looking for inspiration and new ideas on the platform.


The process is easy and straightforward: brands have to download and activate the plugin in their WooCommerce store, click on Marketing/Pinterest, follow the pop-up instructions to connect their Pinterest account, then finally sync the products to Pinterest and click “save” in the end.


A win-win for both platforms

Both WooCommerce and Pinterest can expect to make significant gains from their new strategic partnership.


The easier shopping process can help WooCommerce attract more businesses already on Pinterest to their platform, and can encourage its existing customers to venture to Pinterest. This also benefits Pinterest, which stands to gain more users, paving its way to become the next big platform for social commerce.


According to Rachel Hardy, Head of Shopping Product Marketing at Pinterest, “WooCommerce is a critical partner to continue to grow our support for our Pinterest business community. Pinterest supports the entire shopping journey not just for Pinners, but for advertisers, merchants, and creators too. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for WooCommerce merchants to reach and convert Pinterest shoppers.”



Screenshot of pinterest.ca displaying two ads as pins

Screenshot of pinterest.ca displaying two ads as pins



By the way, WooCommerce is not the only online shopsystem Pinterest works together with. Ever since the platform announced its interest to become a full social commerce marketplace in 2020, Pinterest has been introducing various tools and partnerships to facilitate that purpose. In 2021, Pinterest ventured into a strategic partnership with Shopify, one of the best known global online e-Commerce systems.


Pinterest and IP rights

Pinterest has a functioning IP protection policy in place which clearly states that the platform reserves the right “to disable or terminate the accounts of people who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing copyrights or other intellectual property rights.”


We at globaleyez welcome such an approach by the platform, because it clearly shows its intention to respect the IP rights of brands.


Today this is all the more important because the WooCommerce integration will likely raise the number of businesses present on Pinterest. And, from a purely statistical point of view, it’s just as likely that some of those businesses will be fraudsters intent on making money off other brands’ IP rights.


The process of IP protection on Pinterest

Right holders are asked to report IP infringing content by submitting a form to Pinterest, which in turn promises to look into the matter and act accordingly.


Although definitely easy and straightforward, there’s one big catch in this process: right holders are tasked with noticing and reporting content that hurts their trademark and copyright. This indicates that Pinterest will not go looking for such content on its own initiative.


But what if you don’t have the time to go through every saved shoppable pin every day?


Luckily, you don’t have to. globaleyez will do it for you.


Online brand protection on Pinterest

Our services are perfectly suited to detect and remove IP infringing content from the internet, including social media platforms like Pinterest. For example, our social media monitoring service scours social networks, including posts, pins, comments, images, brand pages, webshops and much more to detect content that infringes on your IP rights.


Powerful analytics and decades-long personal expertise help us determine where to get more information or evidence (for example via a test purchase), and which sellers to act against. You don’t have to worry about filling out and submitting lengthy forms; our excellent working relationship with Pinterest allows us to enforce your rights and demand takedown of infringing content quickly and efficiently.


Since Pinterest has become a fully functioning marketplace, another one of our services may come in handy. Our marketplace monitoring service detects IP infringing listings on over 150 online marketplaces, allowing us to rid the internet of product listings that hurt your trademark and copyrights. And, due to the nature of Pinterest, our image monitoring service could prove essential in finding infringing images on the platform.



The strategic partnership of Pinterest and WooCommerce (as well as Shopify and others) provides new opportunities in social commerce - for both honest and fraudulent businesses.


Don’t let fraudsters steal your revenue and hurt your reputation by infringing on your IP rights; contact globaleyez and let us devise a strategy to protect your brand’s rights on Pinterest and any other corner of the internet.