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Latest update: March 2023 | by Lili 


Trendyol strengthens its presence in Europe



One of Turkey’s most popular e-Commerce platforms, Trendyol has set its sights on the European market. Although customers in several EU countries and the UK have already been able to use Trendyol, the company didn’t have offices in the EU. Well, that changes now.


In the spring of 2022, Trendyol announced its plans to establish a foothold in Berlin, Germany. The new office, to be opened by the end of this year, should host around 200 employees and oversee the marketplace’s expansion into the European market.


Besides the well-functioning Berlin office, Trendyol has opened another office in Amsterdam and has further plans to set foot in London and Luxembourg as well. The marketplace now ships to 27 European countries and has 240,000 sellers serving around 30 million customers. Trendyol reported a global net sales of $3,864.6 million for 2022 and its website has around 153.3 million monthly visitors.


Along with the EU headquarters, opening a new fulfillment center in the next few years is also in the works to ease the load of the existing one in Poland. The location of the new warehouse(s) is currently unknown, but the size (65,000 square meters) suggests that Trendyol means business.


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What is Trendyol

Founded in 2010 and acquired by the Alibaba Group in 2018, Trendyol is one of the major players in Turkey’s e-Commerce market. In fact, when it comes to fashion, nobody can even come close to its 25-30% market share and 222.4 million monthly visitors in its home country.


Screenshot of trendyol.com’s homepage

Screenshot of trendyol.com’s homepage


Most European consumers who have already shopped on Trendyol have more likely come across this category as well, which is currently the only available product category in the EU. In Turkey, however, Trendyol offers a large array of categories, including electronics, beauty and even groceries.


As we outlined in our article Popular online marketplaces in Europe, Trendyol received $1.5 billion in its latest funding round in 2021 from global investors. With this amount of capital under its belt, Trendyol is now worth around $16.5 billion and thus becomes the first decacorn (privately held companies valued over $10 billion) of Turkey.


No wonder that Trendyol has optimistic projections for its endeavour into the European market. By the end of 2022, the marketplace aims to achieve a sales volume of 400 million euros, which is projected to reach up to 3 billion euros by 2025.


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One of the most important pillars of Trendyol’s success is the strong Turkish textile industry. With global exports in the value of $15 billion, Turkey is a major player when it comes to textile.


Trendyol aims to make the most of that advantage, especially when selling its own branded fashion products. Partnerships with big names in the European market like Zalando, About You and Asos should pave the way for Trendyol’s acceptance by European consumers.


Screenshot of aboutyou.be displaying Trendyol’s brand page

Screenshot of aboutyou.be displaying Trendyol’s brand page



Potential drawbacks

Similarly to Amazon, eBay and many other online marketplaces, Trendyol works with third party sellers. And, while providing brands and honest sellers with great opportunities, this particular business model also tends to open the door to a whole new set of problems, at least when it comes to the protection of intellectual property rights.


While online marketplaces tend to have IP protection policies in place that they require their sellers to agree to, counterfeiters, grey marketers and other dishonest sellers usually have a way to slip through the cracks. Trendyol is not an exception to this rule, which means that the marketplace’s strengthened European presence may provide IP infringing sellers new opportunities to reach consumers.


Given Trendyol’s focus on fashion, fraudsters may also concentrate on that industry to better fit in with the platform’s honest sellers. Brands in fashion should definitely keep an eye on this marketplace when devising their IP protection strategies.


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Marketplace monitoring, for instance, is the best starting point for detecting any unauthorized and potentially IP infringing product listings on Trendyol. Image monitoring, on the other hand, discovers images of your products and logos anywhere on the internet, including imagery copying or resembling your original pictures.


Based on our findings, we may recommend a test purchase to gather further proof of the seller and the product’s origins. We carefully record everything in extensive reports and provide you with court-admissible documentation to aid you in an eventual court case, should you decide to pursue one.


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Finally, we can enforce your rights and ensure the removal of the IP infringing content from the internet, including online marketplaces like Trendyol. Actually, we already have quite a bit of experience with this marketplace. So far, any time we discovered IP infringing listings of our clients on the platform, Trendyol acted swiftly and efficiently to remove them.


Which makes us pretty optimistic about Trendyol’s European market entry, as we have every reason to believe our excellent cooperation will continue in the future as well.




Don’t miss out on the chance Trendyol’s entry to our e-Commerce market provides your brand, but don’t let fraudsters use this chance to their advantage. Contact globaleyez and let us devise a strategy together to protect your brand’s trademark rights on Trendyol and everywhere else both on- and offline.