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What you need to know about Lazada


Table of contents
  • How does Lazada work
  • How to use Lazada
  • IP rights on Lazada


Owned by Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba, Lazada is one of the key players in Southeast Asian online commerce.


The marketplace is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, reaching a population of 550 million people. With 128.4 million monthly visits and a $1.8 billion annual revenue, Lazada is inevitable for brands who want to expand to Southeast Asia.


The company was founded in 2012 and purchased by Alibaba four years later. In 2022, Lazada announced its intentions to enter the European market and even opened a distribution center in Belgium.

How does Lazada work

As a general marketplace, Lazada offers products in a wide array of categories, including fashion, home equipment, sports gear, electronics, baby care and automotive. Similarly to Wish, Lazada uses the easy-to-use tile format made popular by social media.



Screenshot of the homepage of lazada.sg

Screenshot of the homepage of lazada.sg

The marketplace sells products via third party sellers - a model that makes it more vulnerable to fraudulent sellers, including counterfeiters and grey market vendors.

How to use Lazada

Lazada is accessible via a smartphone app, a smartphone browser or any desktop device. The shopping process is easy and straightforward; customers can place items in their shopping cart and pay using various methods, including credit cards, Lazada Wallet, debit installments and in some cases even cash on delivery (CoD).


This latter method largely contributes to Lazada’s success in the region, as a significant proportion of the population is ready to shop online but may not have access to bank accounts and credit cards.


Delivery times vary from market to market, but in general, Lazada promises delivery between 1 and 15 business days.


Similarly to Wish, Lazada often offers significant discounts on numerous products. This contributes to the perception that goods purchased on Lazada may not have the best quality, and may even be fake.



Screenshot of the homepage of lazada.com.ph displaying a banner for 95% discount sales

Screenshot of the homepage of lazada.com.ph displaying a banner for 95% discount sales

IP rights on Lazada

Just like any marketplace that works with third party sellers, Lazada is not immune to IP infringements. In the course of our work, e.g. while monitoring marketplaces to detect product listings infringing on our clients’ IP rights and conducting test purchases to find out all about the origins of these products and their sellers, we have come across counterfeit, lookalike and grey market listings on this marketplace.


Luckily, the marketplace has an IP protection policy and is willing to take action against infringers. Lazada works closely with industry professionals, including globaleyez to combat IP infringing listings.


Since Lazada belongs to the Alibaba Group, the marketplace can use Alibaba’s IP protection platform. This tool allows brands and IP rights holders to register and submit takedown requests to the marketplace.


In our experience, this platform works well and Lazada handles our takedown requests quickly and efficiently. Quite often, the offending listing disappears within 24 hours.


If you have any concerns about your IP rights on Lazada or any other marketplace, contact us at globaleyez and let us create a perfectly tailored online brand protection program for your brand.