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04.06.2024 | by Lili


Amazon launches live-shopping channel in the US




  • Shoppers in the US have now access to Amazon Live’s new shopping TV channel on Prime and Freevee
  • Shopping on the channel features a new, two-screen technology known as Shop the show 
  • The channel runs live streams by existing Amazon Live content creators as well as original new shows by notable TV personalities




As of Spring 2024, US Amazon Prime and Freevee members can find a new shopping channel on their TVs: Amazon Live. The channel promises to offer a seamless, interactive and comfortable shopping experience to customers.



Live shopping on Amazon

The e-Commerce giant is no stranger to live shopping. Customers in the US have already had access to Amazon Live on their smart devices since 2019, and the service was introduced to Indian shoppers in 2022.


Live commerce is booming. This mode of shopping is most popular in its “birthplace” China, where the market is valued at 4.9 trillion yuan (approximately $692.57 billion). The market’s value in the US is currently estimated to be around $50 billion, and it’s expected to grow by a whopping 36% until 2026.


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According to Amazon, over 1 billion shoppers in the US and India viewed Amazon Live streams on their platform.


Nevertheless, Amazon Live is not the most popular platform when it comes to live shopping. In fact, 26% of US shoppers prefer Facebook Live, while Instagram, Amazon Live and TikTok share the second place with 18%.



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Shop the show

The new Amazon Live shopping channel introduces the company’s Shop the show technology and concept. This idea is based on the fact that 70% of people engage with a second electronic device (usually a smartphone) while watching TV.


Thus, presenters on Amazon Live encourage viewers to open the Amazon app on their handheld device. There, shoppers have to type “shop the show” into the search bar to land on a carousel featuring the products currently shown on TV. From then on, it’s just a few taps to put the product in their shopping cart and buy it right away.



Screenshot of aboutamazon.com/news/entertainment/amazon-live-free-channel-prime-video-freevee-shopping displaying a smartphone screen with Shop the show

Screenshot of aboutamazon.com/news/entertainment/amazon-live-free-channel-prime-video-freevee-shopping displaying a smartphone screen with Shop the show



While definitely an interesting concept, we’ll see how Shop the Show fares in practice. After all, many of Amazon’s competitors, including TikTok promise a seamless All-in-One shopping experience where consumers can discover, learn more about, and finally buy a product without ever leaving the app. Compared to that, the Amazon Live shopping channel with its two-screen requirement may sound a bit too complicated.


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Content on Amazon Live

The company brings its most trusted content creators to the new shopping channel. Since most of these creators have already built up a following on Amazon Live, their presence on the TV channel seems like a perfect opportunity to boost their profile and draw in viewers.


In addition to well-known Amazon Live creators and influencers like Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon, Rachel Clark and Haley Kalil, the e-Commerce giant plans to launch an exclusive new show hosted by TV personality Paige deSorbo. According to deSorbo, “Watching Amazon Live is like shopping with a friend who is also a personal stylist. I get to share my honest opinions, demonstrate products, and help customers discover their next great find."


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Brands and Amazon Live

Live shopping can be a great opportunity for brands and sellers to connect with customers in a meaningful and interactive way. You can use this channel to widen your reach to win new customers and deepen your connection with existing ones. However, live shopping is not without its unique challenges that brands must address.



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First of all, unless your brand is heavily involved in the production of the live stream, you have little to no control over the presentation and appearance of your products in the show. What the sellers or influencers do on air is up to them, and it may not align with your brand’s image.



Screenshot of still image in a random live stream show on Amazon.com/live/?broadcast=9ca6fdc1-7840-4708-9637-566893415b20

Screenshot of still image in a random live stream show on Amazon.com/live/?broadcast=9ca6fdc1-7840-4708-9637-566893415b20



This means that you should monitor live streams to check how your sellers or influencers represent your brand.


Which brings us to the second issue: what if your products feature in live streams you haven’t approved of? Moreover, what if fake versions of your products pop up in various live streams in faraway corners of the Earth?


Indeed, the nature of live shopping makes it even harder for brands to keep track of their products’ appearances. Malevolent parties may infringe upon your invaluable IP rights, putting your hard-earned revenue and reputation in jeopardy.


But don’t worry: you can still make the most of live shopping while minimising its dangers.



Online brand protection on Amazon Live

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Our marketplace monitoring service can be activated on over 150 marketplaces worldwide, including Amazon. With keyword-based monitoring, we detect potentially IP infringing product listings. Thanks to extensive filters, we can exclude authorised vendors to only bring the truly problematic product listings to your attention.


Not all fraudulent sellers cause an equal amount of harm. It’s easy to see why: a small-time criminal with only a handful of products sold per month is much less of a threat than a big-timer with thousands of sales under their belt. Which is why our marketplace sales tracking service is essential. With careful tracking and analytics, we’ll let you know which fraudulent sellers and products are the most successful on Amazon, helping you determine which fraudsters to eliminate first.


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Finally, our enforcement service ensures the timely removal of all infringing content from the internet.




New TV channel Amazon Live tries to bridge the gap between teleshopping and online commerce. While an exciting opportunity, it may also pose dangers for brands.


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